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Explorer not showing up

I have had this issue several times now and wrote two eMails as well as a couple of tickets. When starting the system and launching the Frame explorer all i get is an empty desktop. I cannot acces the explorer (even with the "Options" button in the bottom left) but can access the google chrome browser.
I am using Frame Personal with the 64GB Pro system
1640 x 1192 - 82K


  • Hi Fabian,

    It looks like the Frame Explorer window itself somehow got moved off the side of the screen. I managed to get Windows to move it back and it shows up now. I've added some credits to your account to accommodate the troubleshooting time.

    Please feel free to ask for help by emailing During business hours we try to be very responsive.
  • Thanks a lot. Works now
  • I have the same problem again. Cannot access the explorer. can you help me again?
  • I took care of this. Let us know if you need anything else.
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