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Credits wearing down

Greetings team,

So, I´ve been searching your site to see if I can find somewhere what happens when the amount of credits is coming to an end and couldn´t find explicitly stated what happens. So here goes my question...

Once credits are over if I do keep using Frame will you provide an extra amount of credits and consequently charge for it?

If so, which will be the increased amount? Or you ask the user first how much would he be willing to use?

Or once credits are over the user should perform the request by himself first?

In any case, please... Would yo be so kind to explicitly clarify this for me?

Thanks in advance for your support team.



  • Hi Alain,

    Credits are charged at a rate of $0.01 per credit. If you don't go over $10 worth of credits (1000 credits), they're charged at the beginning of your next billing cycle; if you do go over, we bill those credits immediately and reset your balance to 0.


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