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Higher resolution

I work on a 30in Monitor (2560 x 1600) I was disappointed that the res of is limited to about 1500 x 1000 (cant remember exact size) OK for a small laptop , but not enough for big spread sheets or CAD


  • Hi Mark,

    We actually do support 2560x1600 on our Graphics workstation instance type. Your account is currently set to the Productivity workstation instance which has a maximum resolution of 1920x1200. The good news is that we have just introduced a feature that lets you switch the type of instance on your account. Just go the "Account" page (from the menu at the upper right corner of your Launchpad) and where it lists your instance type, just click on "Change."

    Note that as you work in higher resolutions you'll need more bandwidth as the amount of data sent increases significantly as you go up.
  • I am also asking for higher resolution, but cannot find the instance type in my account page
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