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Alternatives to Installation of apps via dropbox etc

This is probably a big 'ask' but its a PIA to have to copy all install files to Dropbox (eg 6Gb) to then be able to run the installer IN

What would be great, would be to run the installer from the browser, using locally stored (ie on my PC) installation files to install the app into FR.ame

Bearing in mind we dont all have super high bandwidth ATM.
as I said, probably a big ask and not a show stopper.


  • Hi Mark,

    Ultimately, to be able to install your software on your cloud instance you will have to get the installer there one way or the other. You can certainly upload them from your local machine via Dropbox or even with our direct uploader feature (click on the icon in the lower right corner of our status bar) - but these do indeed rely on your upload bandwidth so are best for smaller files.

    The best approach for getting an installer on your cloud instance, however, is to download the installer directly to your instance from your software vendor's site. You can then take advantage of the huge amount of bandwidth that your instance has available to it (typically >500 Mbps for the Graphics workstation). Simply go to the Chrome browser in your desktop and navigate to your software vendor's download page -- you'll get your installer really fast that way as there's no dependence on your upload speed.
  • I have been using syncthing to move files to and from my instance. Syncthing is similar to BTSync but open source and free(beer&oxygen).
    My preference for windows uses as that makes the config easy as pie.
  • Great point, Matthew. For Frame Personal instances and for the sandbox desktops in our other tiers - you can use any of your favorite synching tools since those instances are persistent.

    For our multi-user tiers (Frame for Business/Education or Frame Platform), your users will be using stateless production instances (after each session, they are "reset" to their pristine state). So installing an off-the-shelf synching tool wouldn't really apply to production instances (in that case our Dropbox, Google Drive and Box integrations are your best choice). But for anything persistent (Frame Personal and sandboxes) any synch tool will work great.
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