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credit expiration and keeping credits without monthly charge

Do credits expire at the end of the month?
Can I keep credits without getting charged monthly?


  • We'll have more details on credit rollovers shortly - but in summary, you will indeed be able to rollover credits from one month to the next (with some limitations which we'll publish soon).

    As for keeping credits -- you will indeed need to remain on a subscription plan to keep your credits active.
  • edited July 2015
    ohh, that's bad with the need to remain on a subscription plan to keep credits active, I just don't need frame so much (50hours/year).
    Would be nice to be able to buy credits - happy with surcharge - in yearly cycles, e.g. 35$ for 500 credits/year. But I'm not sure if that would work out for you ... :neutral:
  • Thanks for that feedback, Kim. There are a number of costs associated with keeping an account active from month to month, even if not in use (e.g. storage costs). So this is primarily why an account subscription needs to stay active to cover those costs. But we'll keep your feedback in mind as we go forward. One option we can consider is a way to suspend the account and keep its data in a lower-cost storage location (it would take longer to re-activate and get access to when needed, however). Again - thanks for your input - it's much appreciated!
  • The option with suspending the account and keeping data in lower-cost storage sounds good. Thank you! :smile:
  • Thanks again, for your feedback, Kim. We'll definitely consider this as an option for the future.
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