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making bookmarks out of onboarded Apps

making bookmarks out of onboarded Apps

even better would it be for Chrome Users to be able to directly make Chrome Web App Shortcuts out of them (best to only show this option to Chrome Users):


  • We'll have more options for Chrome users in the future, including auth integration (use your Google ID for accounts on Frame). While this may make using Chrome Web App Shortcuts more feasible, there are many tradeoffs with this approach, as the Web App shortcuts page simply doesn't have app handling capabilities that accommodate Windows apps used in a multi-app workflow (but for a single, stand-alone app it's certainly doable). Stay tuned...
  • edited July 2015
    "as the Web App shortcuts page simply doesn't have app handling capabilities that[...] "

    if you mean the Chrome Web Apps page, you can just take&drop one App above the other and make a folder out of them. But I see that it's maybe difficult/impossible to start another App in the same tab/window, but you have this problem now, too. I think, if you start from the Frame-App-Collection in another tab, you can't start another App in this tab from the Frame-App-Collection, you have to use the desktop in the Session.
  • By "app handling capabilities" what I am referring to is a group of features within the Frame Launchpad interface that allow you to move easily between apps in a variety of ways. For example:

    - Once in a session, you can double click on the bottom Frame status bar and this will toggle the session view between filling the full browser frame to a small window and to a single bar (and then back to the full browser frame). When you minimize an app this way you can see your launchpad and launch other apps, that will bring up the session again.

    - In addition, when you are inside a Frame session for one app, you can go to the "gear" icon at the lower left corner and launch apps from there.

    - With multiple apps open, you can resize any of the Windows apps within the Frame session and arrange multiple apps to see them side-by-side -- which is important for many workflows.

    - You can also switch between apps using "ALT + TAB" (on Mac) and "ALT + ~" on PCs.

    Thanks again for your feedback, as we go forward we'll look at supporting additional workflows including using Chrome Web App shortcuts.

  • didn't know about the first point, nice!
    would be good btw to be able to double-click again on the minimized window to get back to the Session.
  • You can indeed double click on the minimized window to toggle back to the session -- but you have to click on the bottom task bar. But note, that on the minimized window, clicks inside the window still get sent to the session (it's still an active functioning session, just much smaller -- so you can monitor and interact with what's going on there still).
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