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starting App out of offlinemode by just clicking icon without notification

This usually takes 1-2 minutes. Look for the system indicator to turn green, then run your apps."

I think it would clean work flow up without this notification and just turning to the Frame-loading screen


  • Thanks for the feedback Kim. We are making every effort to help explain to users what's going on in then system, especially when something is not immediate. This is especially useful for first time users. What we can look at is putting a "Don't show this again" check box on that message. Thanks again for your feedback!
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    sounds good, but it only starts and doesn't go directly to the Session, I have to click the icon of the App again. What I'm doing is: I click the icon, it starts the Session, but I have to click the icon again to get to the Session. What I meant with cleaning up work flow is just clicking the icon once to start and get to the Session.
  • OK - I understand what you mean. Since it takes about 1-2 minutes to boot up an instance - we've opted to let the user click elsewhere while the instance comes up, which does require the second click. But I understand where you are coming from and we will continue to look at ways to make this cleaner for Frame Personal accounts. Note that on Frame for Business accounts, some instances are typically set up to be "ready and waiting" for connections, and so a user comes in and just clicks to immediately start using the app - without having to wait.
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    Showing the loading percentage in the Loading Screen before the Session could make this cleaner. You would just click the icon, get to the Loading Screen with loading percentage because of starting Session and finally to the Session with the App.
    One click - 1-2 and a half minutes loading - BAM uhm.. FRAME!
    And if it would be possible to bookmark the icon and its link (my other suggestion) using Windows Apps on Frame would be like using other webapps.
  • Thanks, Kim -- we have some other areas in the product where we have used progress indicators for the boot-up time and will be looking to move these to this part of the product as well.

    I'll comment on your other suggestion in the original post, but in short, bookmarking the icon is possible but has a number of trade-offs.
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