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Security for online storage services

I'd like to know if the password for our online storage is stored somehow on your servers, and if so, how secure is it? For example, if I connect my google drive to Frame, then Frame gains access to my google drive of course, so that I can use my files. In theory Frame would have access to the entire google account. I am just unsure as to how this all works. Could you explain a little bit about this? thanks!


  • Hi Frank, great question.

    Firstly, when you connect your Google drive, you are providing the password directly to Google, not to Frame. So you're good there.

    Second, through our integration with Google we only receive a token, which is like a hall pass. It is specific and has limited rights. In this case we actually only get the rights to access your files.

    Third, that token is stored in encrypted storage at Frame and only called upon when you specifically sign into your account with your Frame password. And at any time that token can be invalidated by you disconnecting your storage from Frame. (And if you want to, you can also use Google's storage interface to invalidate the token remotely)

    So all-in-all, your password, account information and files are safe.

    Hope this helps. Thanks for the great question!
  • Thanks a lot for the answer, it clarifies!
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