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Can I install a VPN client

I would like to access my Work PC via Frame using a VPN client. Is this possible?


  • Hi Simon,

    Yes, this is definitely possible and we actually have multiple options to handle a VPN connection.

    Do you currently have any requirements for your VPN?


    Justin Emilio
    Frame Support
  • Justin,

    I too have need to connect to my workplace network.

    Today I installed my work vpn client. When I established the vpn connection, I lost connection to Frame desktop . System status went to red. and I couldn't run applications or connect to the desktop.

    Eventually status went green again. Just to be sure, I attempted to establish a vpn connection again and got the same result.

    My main requirement for the vpn is that i need to connect to an SQL Server instance at my workplace.

    How can this be done?

    Thanks, Mike

  • Mike,

    It sounds like the VPN altered the default network route, which disconnected our service. Can you create a support ticket by e-mailing us at [email protected] with some specifics such as which VPN client you are using?


    Frame Support
  • I am experiencing a similar problem. I use L2TP/IPsec protocol.
  • Hi Robert,

    Please check out the following knowledgebase article for some information on how to set up a VPN in Frame.

    The primary thing to remember is that if a VPN tries to take complete control of the network adapter inside your Frame instance, then it'll cause Frame to lose all connection with the instance. The VPN must be capable of leaving the default route alone, and you will configure your VPN to route necessary traffic to an alternate route (being the VPN itself).

    If you need additional help, feel free to submit a ticket to [email protected] and we'll get in touch.

    Frame Support
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