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Windows Updates, Antivirus and security

Hi there,

I noticed that when you switch to Desktop mode you can access the Control Panel. Once there I checked Windows Updates and the last update was ran in May 2015 (we are in July now). So I was wondering how does Frame go about patching? Is it something each user should do on their own? or is it something Frame does periodically (eg every 3 months?)

Same about Antivirus. I couldn't find any installed. Is it recommended I install one of my own? Or do you have one running at Hypervisor level?

And the same about firewall. As it is an Elastic Amazon instance, is there a network firewall somewhere? How am I protected from other instances in the same network?

Finally, is there a way to take a snapshot of my instance? Say I want to do some changes and I want to be able to return to the previous state. I couldn't find the Windows Restore Point, so I was wondering if there is a way for Frame to offer the snapshot feature.


  • Hi Franco - thanks for your questions and feedback. As you saw from accessing the Control Panel, Frame admin accounts do indeed provide for full access to the Windows image allowing for customization as required. We start from a baseline image provided by the IaaS vendor (e.g. AWS) and do update this periodically (typically on a quarterly basis) as a starting point for new accounts. But in general Frame admins have full flexibility to manage updates of the OS and their software on their own terms once an account is created (similar to how many enterprises expect to manage updates internally). Software vendors have typically asked for this level of control as Windows updates can sometimes break existing software.

    We are, however, considering offering more frequent updates (e.g. with a choice to opt in or opt out) to Frame for Business and Frame Personal users so encourage any feedback from our public beta users on this topic. We have to balance, however, the need for those that opt in - to test updates on their sandbox before deploying to production (see this KB article for more on software updates in general:

    For anti-virus -- you can indeed install your own if desired. Note however, that production instances on Frame accounts are stateless and as such are returned to their original state after every user session - as a primary mode of protection. And regarding a firewall, we are indeed leveraging the AWS EC2 firewall on all desktop, sandbox and production instances.

    Lastly, regarding snapshots - we have indeed provided this as option in certain cases. However, again - note that production instances are stateless - so any changes made in the course of a session are not persisted. Changes to a sandbox (or the desktop in a Frame Personal account) are persisted - but keep in mind that in general data is not stored on a Frame instance rather, it's stored in completely separate cloud storage (e.g. Box, Dropbox, Google drive). So the changes to an instance typically just involve updating the software applications themselves.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions or feedback on these topics.

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