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Owncloud as datastore

Hi there,

I am running my own version of Owncloud and would be great if I could connect Frame to Owncloud as well as Dropbox.

Is this something in your roadmap?



  • With Datto now partnering and OEMing Owncloud into their Backup appliances, I also would like to see OwnCloud as storage option for Frame.
  • Thanks for the feedback -- we'll be adding more storage integration options as we go forward and feedback like yours and others' on preferences will help us to prioritize. Note, however, that for Frame Personal accounts you can actually install clients for just about any off-the-shelf cloud storage options -- since Frame Personal accounts do indeed persist and can synch files. On Frame for Business accounts, however, where you are using a pool of stateless production instances a more integrated solution is necessary.
  • edited July 2015
    Hello Franco,

    Would you want to install OwnCloud server or their client? I don't have any doubts that the client would work with Frame without issue, though, it's possible the web functionality from OwnCloud server would need additional configuration (such as a request for HTTP ports to be opened).

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