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How is content filtering handled?

I assume that I won't have this problem in the team account (because I am in control of available apps), but In the personal account, you can launch Chrome (or any other installable browser). My concern is that this is acting as a proxy and bypassing the local content filter rules. For many schools this means we would block Frame's website instantly. A student could easily sign up for Frame as an individual and come to school and bypass our content filter.

If frame follows my local content filtering protocol, then Yay!!, please put that in the FAQ for education, if it uses it's own ISP, then please provide schools with instructions for making frame personal compliant with our policies.


  • Bjorn, this is an excellent configuration question, for which we do not currently have a cut-and-dried answer.

    Because Frame is operating out of Amazon datacenters, it is not immediately feasible to route each session's traffic through a school's content filtering rules.

    That said, if the students are accessing a Frame account that is provided by the school, there are a number of configurations that could be used to prevent this kind of behavior. One is simply removing Chrome and other browsers from the system, and redirecting any HTTP or HTTPS requests through the player to the student's local browser (which will still have its content filtered).

    If you want to go over the possible options in more detail, go ahead and reach out to our support team directly, at [email protected], and they'll work with you to figure out what option is most feasible for a given implementation.

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