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I'm being over charged. [Billing]

A few frustrating points.
I used the trial, and converted to basic plan when it expires. Now it includes my trial usage into the bill, and says I used 170 hours overage. (which means I have to pay for my "trial")

Secondly, the billing increments on hourly basis. Which is really unfair. Sometimes when I need to restart the instance, or have a disconnect due to network issue, Frame considers that as 1 hour of usage. Makes me really hesitant of using higher performance nodes. SO MANY wasted hours being billed unreasonably. Thats the number one bad experience point from my trial.


  • Hi Max,

    We've taken a look at your account, and adjusted it to give you additional credits to make up for when you converted from the trial to the subscription. You'll see this reflected on your Account page immediately (note that the unit of measure for this is in "credits" which translate to hours based on which instance you're using: see more about credits at We'll also look at making a change in general to allow unused trial credits to "rollover" into a paid account. Your feedback is much appreciated!

    On your second point, we completely agree that sub-hourly billing would be preferable and this is something we've been pushing our primary infrastructure supplier, AWS, on for quite some time. Currently, all AWS instances are charged for on full-hour increments and so our cost structure reflects this as well. That said, if you do run into cases where you feel you were charged in error - or there was a problem, please submit the specific time of the issue, a description or screenshot of what happened along with your account name to our support team at [email protected] and we can credit your account appropriately.

  • Carsten,

    The same thing happen to me this AM. My trial had 780 credits, but was marked "expired". I was directed to resubscribe and now the My Account page now says I've used 220 credits and have 280 remaining.

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    Hi Mike,

    We've created a support ticket for you to check out your account and get back to you. If you have any other billing issues/concerns please send us a note at [email protected]

  • I am having the SAME issue. I literally just upgraded from Trial to Paid membership and it shows I've already used an hour of credits, the instant the screen refreshed from confirming my payment. Not cool, Frame, not cool.
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    Hi Billie - We've created a support ticket to check out your account and get back to you. As an aside, note that credits are always deducted at the start of an hour (in full-hour increments) - so since you are reporting that one hour of usage is showing up, this might just be that you are seeing the first hour deducted from your new paid account if you had an instance already turned on. In any case, we'll have a look and confirm.
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