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Contrast is turned up so high it is washing out the screen

I am having an issue when I use Frame on my Chrome OS systems.

The first issue is the screen on the Samsung Chromebox is unreadable due to the "contrast" being turned up too high.

I tried Frame on a Windows PC and it is fine, I tried it on my Pixel and while I don't have the contrast problem I do have a problem that the screen won't fill right. Another thread for another time.

Is there any way to change the "contrast" setting?
Otherwise the application is very usable.
Screen images are attached.

Screenshot 2015-08-22 at 3.38.32 PM.png
1920 x 1080 - 171K
Screenshot 2015-08-22 at 3.38.39 PM.png
1920 x 1080 - 220K
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