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Solidworks install hang?

My son's FRC robotics team have been provided with an student licenses for Solidworks, and he's really keen to start learning. His laptop's a Mac, and has inadequate RAM to run Solidworks - so here I am at, which looks like a perfect solution.

However, when I go through the install ( Solidworks 2015 SP2.1), it's stalled at 84%. The installer 'promo' text and image is updating, telling me all about the app's great new features, but the progress bar has stalled.

Given that Solidworks on Frame is a much advertised use case, and obviously can be made to work, what am I missing?



  • Hi Ben,

    Thanks for trying out Frame! It's likely that SolidWorks is hung on installing due to a lack of available disk space. We can increase your account's drive size, please send an email to [email protected] to create a support ticket for us, and include the name of the account as well as the email you used to create it and we'll get it taken care of shortly.

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