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"This graphics mode is not supported at the moment. Application was terminated."


When I try to launch a 3D game on a GRID instance, I've got the error message in the title.
So, I'm forced to use windowed mode, which is ugly, when the game don't provide a borderless mode.

Do you know if there is way to run the game in full screen or to "zoom" / "crop" the screen, to artificially hide the borders ?


  • edited November 2015
    Hello Jonathan,

    That message is thrown when a DirectX application tries to force full screen in a Frame session. Frame deliberately prevents applications from controlling the session resolution, since Frame matches resolution to the browser window size for the best picture quality. As a result, such applications do need to be set to run in windowed mode.

    At the moment, we do not have a way to artificially hide the borders (if the app does not have that as an option).


  • Hmm, maybe you could search a solution in the future.
    For instance, a kind of "auto resize" to screen resolution.
    Moonlight and scalablegraphics clients have this kind of option, but they don't have a Web client (yet).
  • Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for the feedback. Running within the browser does indeed put some unique constraints on how the service works. In any case, we do indeed auto resize (we call it Dynamic Resolution Mode) - for this we are adjusting the resolution on the server side to precisely fit the size of the browser window for the best possible pixel:pixel quality. Doing this is not compatible with apps (typically gaming apps) that attempt to use full-screen mode on the instance's graphics card, because those apps don't support changing that resolution dynamically (as windowed mode does).

    In any case, thanks again for your feedback.
  • Well, I don't know how scalablegraphics do, but even is the full screen resolution on the server is superior to my Android TV client resolution, it is working.

    Maybe GRID offers a feature to scale down resolution before streaming to client?
    And if aspect ratio is not the same, adding black borders on side or on top/bottom?
  • This is precisely what we already do. We determine the resolution of the client (e.g. browser window) and then set the server-side resolution to match (at any aspect ratio). But this is not just done at the start of a session - it can be changed at any time during a session (e.g. you can resize your browser window and the app resolution will immediately change to match).

    We do have ways to set the resolution at the start and not allow changing it during the session (resulting in client-side image scaling and black bars as you mention) - but these are modes that are currently only available to software vendors that are running on Frame Platform (which enables ISVs to customize the service to meet their app's needs).
  • Ok, I understand. Thanks for the explanations.
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