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"system is busy"

I've just started with Frame, and have uploaded some of my programs. However it says 98% and never goes to 100%, and when I click on one of my programs, i.e. Paint, Quickbooks, etc. I get the "system is busy" message. Also, apparently I have 120 credits, and don't know why, because I am unable to access my programs!!!


  • Mario,
    We're looking into the stuck system presently, but I wanted to let you know that powering on your server to install and on-board applications will consume credits, as the server's resources are what incur cost. If credits are consumed in error, we will make sure to refund them.

    You should receive a notification from our support system shortly, and we can continue our investigation through that channel. If you encounter any future issues like this, send them over to [email protected] to notify our team directly.
  • edited December 2015
    Hi there, I have similar issues like this. I can't get in. And as soon as I finally get on the Desktop, I lose the connection. So it is recurring over and over again.
    Trying to power off the system takes more than 30 minutes. It is not stable. My credits for the Pro version is running out rapidly this way.
  • Hi Edward - per the other thread we'll take care of investigating your system on Monday via a support ticket.
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