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Getting Started with Frame

edited February 2016 in General
Our forum are currently open to select group of early users. Which means that if you're reading this, it's likely that you just gotten your new Frame account - congrats!

We've built in many tips right into the product to help you get started and you're likely to do just fine on your own.

But in case you insist on a quick tutorial before you get going, we have you covered: check out these tips and you're be a Frame pro in no time.


  • And let us know, right in this discussion, if there was anything that wasn't clear on your first run through - we're always looking for ways to make that first-time experience as easy as possible.
  • ok..I am missing something, My membership is approved, I clicked the sign in link, I arrive at the forum page,I click getting started with frame, I click check out these tips,I sign into the app frame link to get my app. I get an Invalid email or password error ( perhaps i didn't create an acct) I am taken
    back to the page that i requested an invite to on the first day..I am in a loop
    How do I get beyond the forum ?
  • Thanks for your feedback, Magumba. Indeed, it appears you've only signed up for membership in the forum. To create a Frame Personal account you'll need to use the invitation code that was sent from [email protected] and go to the signup page ( to enter in the code and complete your account creation.
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