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Support for Android and IOS Devices/ Smartphones

Hello, i'm new here and discovered Frame this Month, i was asking myself if it's possible to make a Client or Optimize the Windows Desktop size for Mobile Devices. Because i really enjoy Frame, but i will enjoying Frame better when i can use it on my Android device :)


  • We currently do have support for iOS via both browsers (e.g. Safari / Chrome) and via an app in the App Store called "Frame Terminal" (just search on those terms and it will come right up -- it's a free app).

    We recently inserted a notification message for when you try to launch an app on Android devices, because we have not optimized the experience on Android yet. But your feedback is very helpful and we'd like to hear from others interested in running on Android as well, here in the forum. In the near term, we do plan on providing a way to enable Android access for a specific account - so please stay tuned.
  • Is there anything done yet? I can't see any Android Application or further Optimization done in this time..
  • Hi Eliot - At this point we do not have an Android app, however, you can run Frame on your Android device on Chrome today. When doing so however, your experience will be better with our mouse mode selection option enabled for your account (please contact [email protected] to have this enabled). This mouse selection option let's you choose from several mouse modes that give you finer control when on a mobile device. Beyond this we are working on more improvements that will make it easier to access this mode on Android and other mobile devices. Please stay tuned to for updates in the coming months.
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