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Plans and security

1. What are your future OS plans? Will you be providing Server 2012R2 or Server 2016 (when it is released)?
2. How do you control access to a particular instance? How do I know a Frame engineer isn't shadowing my session?
3. How is instance integrity maintained? How do I know a rouge Frame engineer hasn't installed a key logger in the base image?
4. Do you plan to add other cloud storage providers (e.g. OneDrive)?


  • Here are some quick answers for you:
    1. Our current, default OS is already Server 2012 R2. We'll add the option for Server 2016 after it has been released, fully vetted and our customers request it (it won't be a forced upgrade).
    2. The session sharing/collaboration feature is initiated from the original user's end. Then, if a secondary user joins a session using the link provided by the original user, then the Frame Terminal shows an indicator in the status bar that another user is collaborating.
    3. The security of instances is a top priority for Frame and per our policy, changes to the base image cannot be made by any single individual without review, testing and approval. Also note that the base image provided by Frame is completely accessible to you in the Sandbox and you are completely free to run whatever additional scans you desire prior to publishing (after which instances are stateless and return to their original state after each session).
    4. Yes. We have prioritized Cloud Storage support based on customer demand. OneDrive will indeed be the next option we support.
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