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Geographical location and Region of desktop instance

Hello, I would like to know how I can relocate my current frame desktop to a location in USA. Currently, each time I connect, it will give me a desktop in Singapore, however some applications that I use have a region restriction. Please advise.

Thank you.

Iqbal Sarim


  • Hello Iqbal,

    Moving your account between regions is a feature of the Frame Personal Plus plan (outlined here Once you have subscribed to the Plus plan you can send an e-mail to [email protected] to have your desktop moved to one of the available regions.

    Thank you,
  • Sorry but this is commercial nonsense. If someone is having a poor service experience because of the server they are linked to are you are saying they have to upgrade to a premium service to change it to , what for them, may be a better server. Ridiculous!. I am having issues with my connection in Germany and want to try to Ireland server. If the only way I can do this is to upgrade then you about to lose a trial customer to one of your rivals!
    M J Taylor
  • Hi Martyn,

    We are unable to initiate geo moves on trial accounts due to the account type. If you would like to to test the performance of a different region, please create another trial account in your desired region. If you have a paid account with configured apps, please create a request with your account information and send it to [email protected] so we can address this for you. If you have time, I recommend testing out the performance in Ireland either way to make sure it meets your expectations.

    Thank you,
  • I am a paying Frame client and I am having the same problem - my server is 1382 miles away, but it doesn't say where. Do you have servers in the US?
  • Rebecca, I've verified that your account is running from the California datacenter, but I think the GeoIP lookup we performed must have returned some erroneous results. I've sent you more information via the Support Case you submitted, but suffice to say your server is much closer than indicated (as evidenced by your ~30 ms latency).

  • Rebecca, please also note that the distance value is based on a reverse IP lookup, that uses the location provided by your ISP for your IP address. In some cases, ISPs don't register the IP addresses' location correctly so you'll get an incorrect value. The most important measure is the latency, so with 30 ms you're in very good shape.
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