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Shutting down not working well

The only way to switch to more ram, processor cores, and GPU cores, is to shut down the system. It won't shut down though. It hangs Saying it's shutting down. Were it my local PC I'd go hold my finger angrily on the power button until it Actually shuts down.


  • Hi krepta3000, you've got the process right. Could you post the exact error message that you ran into? Was it a warning about powering off your system or disconnecting from an active session?

    Either way it should have only take a few minutes for that operation to complete so that you could switch instance types.

    Feel free to post more information or connect with our [email protected] team for one-on-one help. (In this case it may be helpful for us to take a look at your account and logs of your sessions)
  • Krepta,
    This issue will sometimes occur if you're leaving the Desktop session with the "Disconnect" option, rather than "Quit". Try using "Quit" from the gear menu, and see if that does the trick.
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