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64 G Pro

Anyone else notice that the Pro version really isn't all that great. Looks like it's slow at writing to the disc because they aren't SS - and all the ram and Cpus just wait around barely being used. while the disk bottlenecks. Am I wrong about this?


  • Hi Jahogan, thanks for the great question. We've had many people try out the Pro 64 system with great success. Especially with applications that can effectively use multiple cores and those that can leverage multiple GPUs.

    Based on the description of your problem, it doesn't sound like a disk issue, it sounds like like maybe your app is more single threaded than multi threaded. We've seen this with a lot of CAD apps. Some operations leverage multiple cores but then some only use one.

    Could that be what you're running into? What apps are you using?

    And regarding your concern about whether they use SSDs, Pro 64 instance (and all other systems that Frame offers) are backed by SSD. So no worries there, read and write performance should be quite good.

    Feel free to post more questions or contact our support team at [email protected] for more one-on-one help.

    Hope this helps.
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