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Hidden desktop apps refuse to go away

I have older copies of applications which are now obsolete and I want them off my phone/mobile Frame app, so I have checked the button to hide them. On the online version, they are hidden, but in the mobile Frame app all copies are still showing.

How do I get rid of the apps I no longer want on the mobile version of Frame? Is this a glitch or am I just not doing something correctly?


  • Hello,

    This may be an issue with how the Frame Launchpad renders on your mobile device. Please submit a ticket to [email protected] and include the following:
    1) The email you use to access Frame
    2) What phone you have, including OS version if possible (ex: iOS 10.2, Android 7.1, etc)
    3) What browser you're using on your phone. If you're using the Frame iOS app, please indicate that.

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