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how do i play games


  • Hi Carolina,

    Frame, as a service, isn't really optimized for some kinds of gaming. Since you're connecting to a remote server, input lag (the time between when you press a key or use the mouse, and when that input is then shown on-screen) can be increased significantly. For some types of games, such as turn-based strategy, some RPGs, and the like, this is fine and those games tend to work well with Frame. For fast, "twitch" type games, like most FPS or MOBA titles, Frame is not a good fit.

    In addition, any application you want to use with Frame needs to run in windowed mode. Frame needs to remain in control of the desktop's resolution at all times, and an app that tries to take control of the resolution itself will likely fail to launch. Most games have the ability to set Windowed mode without actually launching the game first, such as passing a command line argument like /windowed or editing a configuration file.

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