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Lost 100 Credits?

I switched my machine to Pro for being able to do video editing. I went from 160 credits to 60 credits before I even powered on the machine.


  • edited August 2017
    Hi Keath,

    Thank you for reaching out to us. Credits will only be deducted when a machine is powered on. To change your system, it must be powered off. The deduction of 100 credits are expected when switching your system to the Pro16GB and powering on the machine. If you find that this is in error, please submit the issue to [email protected] For now, we'll look into your account and refund any erroneous deduction of credits.

  • Ummm where does it tell the customer that there is a charge for switching? I reviewed everything I could find on the website and no where does it say there is a charge for doing so. Is there are charge for changing back? One of the features you tout as a benefit of your platform is the ability to swap back and forth at will but no where in the sales literature can I find even a footnote indicating there is a charge to do so.

    So I had 160 credits when I upgraded to Pro. 100 went away apparently from upgrading the machine to what I needed. Shortly I was 40 credits in the hole. My back account shows the following charges: $15 for my account, $1.00 and $0.50. So unless I misread that $1.50 should be enough for 150 credits but my account still says it is 40 credits over.
  • Hey Keath, did you get a detailed response to this matter via email?
    It is rather ridiculous that one pays for an upgraded account and then charged via credits for the process..

    I have had 100 credits taken from my account when I can't even access the desktop at all and stuck on applying updates.

    Just wanted to know if you received support directly to your email since I have not been getting a response though my submitted ticket.

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