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help how do i change the system location

when i set it up i noticed a location closer to me i thought i had picked that but instead i picked one that 4000 miles from e is there a way i can change it thank you in advance


  • Yes, we can move your account from one location to another, but this requires a support request as it is not an option from the account interface. Please submit a support request for this by sending a note with your request to [email protected]
  • Hi, if moving account from one location to another requires a support request then you're somewhat misleading Frame Personal's capability as shown in the attached image. You simply can't pick your own datacenter at anytime. Any plan to allow on the fly database switching?
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  • Thanks for your feedback, Passawit. Note that we do indeed let you pick your own datacenter as indicated, but this is just when you create your account. So we have not advertised an ability to change datacenter at any time thereafter (although, we can do this via a support request as indicated above). We could make this something you could do on your own in the future - so far however, we've had relatively few requests for this. We'll continue to monitor feedback like yours on this and can move this up in priority if we see a lot of interest. In the meantime, however, we're happy to handle a request to move data centers via support.
  • How long does a datacenter switch normally take? I would also like to express my interest in datacenter-swapping as an account feature rather than as a support request. It would certainly be useful for people who constantly travel but still need quick access to their Frame.
  • Hi Jared,

    Datacenter swapping as an account level feature, accessible to the end user / account admin, is something that's on our roadmap. Currently it still requires a request to be sent to [email protected], however.

    Once the request is processed on our end, it can take an hour or more to move the information to the new location, depending on the source and the destination datacenters. We're always looking for ways to speed this up, but some of it is out of our hands.

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